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Welcome all Alliance and Horde! :) Please join!

I started this on a whim because I noticed there were no Darkspear communities that I could find on Livejournal. It may be repetative of other communities but I thought it could someday be a great place to organize raids, find help with instances, creative kickass guilds, etc. etc.

Feel free to talk about anything Warcraft related, no trolling, be respectful, and be helpful! As the lone moderator of her first community I reserve the right to delete posts, comments, or whatever.

You can find me in Azeroth as: Cerastes (lvl 31 druid), Lucier (lvl 14 rogue), or Althena (lvl 14 priest). All Alliance. (All my Horde are Terenas and Earthen Ring! Lol.)
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