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Darkspear Adventurers in Azeroth

Horde and Alliance friendly :P

World of Warcraft - Darkspear realm
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Welcome! This is a community for the players of Blizzard's World of Warcraft on the Darkspear realm.

Moderated by: ceransx This is my first community so please cut me some slack! ^^;

Rules are easy enough:

1) Be respectful.
2) Stay on topic! (World of Warcraft, our realm, etc) No other mmos, etc.
3) Please be considerate and use LJ-cut.
4) Since Horde and Alliance members are welcome here I must stress the BE RESPECTFUL. I will not tolerate posts or comments bashing races, classes, servers, guilds, etc.
5) Spellcheck is your friend!
6) Asking for help with or wanting to schedule an instance or raid is fine, but do NOT beg for money or items.

So: Enjoy yourselves!