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Welcome all Alliance and Horde! :) Please join!

I started this on a whim because I noticed there were no Darkspear communities that I could find on Livejournal. It may be repetative of other communities but I thought it could someday be a great place to organize raids, find help with instances, creative kickass guilds, etc. etc.

Feel free to talk about anything Warcraft related, no trolling, be respectful, and be helpful! As the lone moderator of her first community I reserve the right to delete posts, comments, or whatever.

You can find me in Azeroth as: Cerastes (lvl 31 druid), Lucier (lvl 14 rogue), or Althena (lvl 14 priest). All Alliance. (All my Horde are Terenas and Earthen Ring! Lol.)
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Hey, about time some darkspear people showed up around here.

Unfortunately, we'll have to be enemies in game :) All my characters are horde: Morghoru (52 orc shaman), Lochane (26 undead priest, currently my main), and Charr (12 tauren warrior, I never play him).

I'm in Salvation currently. It's a fairly strong guild that is starting to get ready for high-end raids. Due to the low population of Darkspear it's taken a while for us to get close to where some of the other servers are.

Yeah, I was disappointed to discover that on PvP realms you cannot have both Horde and Alliance characters... Makes sense though.

Actually I'm working on a troll shaman on Earthen Ring. Are shamans fun at higher levels and are they good PVP characters?

Lol. Since I'm at a low level (especially compared to all the other members of my guild) I spend most of my time waving at horde and dancing with trolls. I'm a bad elf. where do you usually take your characters if you're going to kill alliance members? I know its not the point of the game but I'd love to see a 52 orc shaman. Impressive. (To me.)

Also because of my low level I have no experience with high-end raids. What are they exactly? (I'm so embarrassed to ask this question, heh.)
My guild often goes on raids with all the higher level members. (We have about 10 60s and another 10-15 50+ members... Around 65 members total I believe.) Anyway, obviously I can't join them so i have no idea what they are actually doing, lol.
Shaman are excellent at short PvP battles. You have the tools to beat just about anything people throw at you. Best advice I can give is to learn to use each of your shocks effectively, learn to conserve mana, and get very familiar with all your totems. I can give you good advice about talent builds for pvp if you need it. Just let me know.

Usually when I'm looking for PvP I go to wherever there is an alliance attack (usually Tarren Mill or Sun Rock Retreat). If I see you, I'll try to be nice. I generally let most alliance do their thing undisturbed unless I'm in the mood to pvp or if they are harassing my fellow hordies :)

High-end raids are basically just advanced instances that require a large group to complete (molten core, for example). Also, don't be embarassed! If you are new, there is no way you could know this stuff.

What guild are you in, by the way?

I'm in The Horsemen. Heh. I'm planning on leaving it VERY soon. Probably this week if I ever go back on my main.

I need a more casual guild that will acknowledge lower level characters.

And my troll shaman is now on Stormreaver. ^^;
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